by müłçh

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2016 demo. long island/massachusetts.


released July 19, 2016

michael - vocals
j. quinn - drums/electronics
jake ryan - bass
rayne - guitar



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Track Name: Prophile/Cuntspiracy
I don't know why the fuck "me" is the at the end, because you're only making an ass out of you. A whole spectrum of fucking color to choose from - get your answer from spiritual choice instead. This is for you, America sleazebag; pseudo-cultured television expert; unresearched seeker of ease. Truth is on its fucking knees.
How many robots does it take to lead the troops astray?Automatically assuming the rest of the world is at bay.
Track Name: Let My People Pass
Like Moses when I part your thighs like the Red Sea.
Track Name: Recycle Your Animals
Right now, I want to rub the pretty colors off of the wings of every butterfly and finger-paint a portrait of violence.
Trigger a volcanic eruption to transform the Great Basin into America's ashtray. Just another scripted near-life experience.
I am Mike's irrational mistrust of man.
This could be the end of something great.
Track Name: Trachea
How cute, the way you try to scream with your mouth full - poisonous mushrooms lodged in your windpipe (the greatest display of control tripping.)
Tonight I left you a brand new pair of dimples, and your smile was never more photogenic. Your smile was nevermore.
Princess Puparia drooling like a starving dog - quit begging and finish your angel dust like a good little whipping girl.
Track Name: The Apnea Wars
Tomorrow is the first day of my life. Not the rest, but the whole performance. The hold-your-breath competition at the brick slaughterhouse. Every fuck I never gave is going into this one, and the ghost on my shoulders is in for a bumpy fucking ride.
Buckle up, buttercup.
Track Name: Ouroboros Erotica
Slithering the way you love to do, you're the serpent introducing me to sin. Spell my name in scales; nurture me neurotoxically. Put an ending to that which ails.
Blinded by dust when I crawl on my belly, but when I eat from you, my eyes are open.
Track Name: Pinkspeed
And she dropped down, laying half-crippled at the bottom of the barrel, Wings momentarily clipped, vision skewed through the fog of clutter. Today I'll be the hero. I'll push aside hygiene for you, just to feel the stale warmth of your plasticity on my fingertips again; to hold tight and clench tighter to the unforgiving beat of your siren song. I promise you'll make your connection once more, able to latch firm to the six decayed pages of a long-feared novel of hymns. I'll save you.

Through the dust and congealing semen to my princess at the speed of vibrant pink.
Track Name: End of the World Party
One last song and then whatever the fuck ever.